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We Only Provide the Most Experienced Masonry Contracting

Ever wonder what the difference between bricklaying and masonry is? The level of experience is what truly makes a mason. At Ray Builders, Inc., we only provide you with the best of the best masonry contractors and subcontractors in the Ellsworth, Trenton, and Bar Harbor areas.

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What do Masonry Contractors Do?

Not only can our masons build your custom home or addition from the ground up, but they are also able to do repairs. Masonry contractors are able to repair brick or stone, repair or lay concrete and tile, repair tile walls and floors, and plaster ceilings. Does your home remodel need any of these things?

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Brick and Stone Work in Ellsworth, ME

If you need brickwork done around your home, look no further. Our company provides our clients with the most trustworthy masonry contractors around, so there is no worrying about the quality of the work. Ray Builders, Inc. promises success stories to our clients, as well as a trustworthy relationship throughout the building or remodeling process.

Choosing a Masonry Contractor in Ellsworth, ME

Instead of seeking out any contractor, a masonry contractor is the right choice to make. The durability of your new home will be just one of the fantastic outcomes. By using brick or stones, such as granite or limestone, your new home will not only look excellent, but will stand the test of time. By choosing to use brick or stone, your new custom home or addition will look great and will help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

By choosing to build your new home with brick or stone, you also help to eliminate possible fire and weather damage. If you are looking for a rustic home, or just something unique, a masonry contractor is right for you.

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